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  • 我用誠實接待你,請用誠實對待人



  • Honesty is the best policy!

    Maple Honest Store is set up in 2004, from an abandon space in old alley in maple community. It is now a place full of plants, pleasant smell of coffee and selling local products & safety food. Besides, we make it as a place for children, residents and visitors to experience honest, education, sense of morality and for everyone to learn more about our history. It is also a place for people sharing their stories and ideas without stress, and make ideas realized(for example, we developing rural handmade goods that increase rural women’s income.)

    However, most special thing is:  There is no waitress in the store! Customers serve themselves and put money into the “honest urn", with a “honest” clear sound as great feedback. 🙂 People can buy old-styled ice pops, some traditional cookies, eco-products made by the community and some desserts made by local planet: jute(“mua-yi"). Everyone could be a “honest store host" by helping to clean the place, watering flowers and keeping eyes on thief….


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